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Cindi Mack-Ernsdorff is a Master's Level &  Licensed Mental Health,  & Marriage and Family therapist, who also has also serves in the capacity as a Licensed chemical dependency therapist. Because of her status as an Internationally Certified Clinical Traumatologist, she was recently invited to become a member in the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.
Additionally, Cindi is also Certified as an Early Childhood Trauma and Attachment DisorderSpecialist.  Ms. MackErnsdorff is an involved therapist with the International Green Cross Organization as well.
Ms. Ernsdorff can personally understand and work with both the family and the children  that have been prenatally affected by alcohol, and has facilitated multiple workshops on the subject of fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects for families,professionals and for the general population. 
Ms. Mack-Ernsdorff is a certified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist as well.
Cindi has both substantial personal experience in Children and Family Services, and has served as the secretary/& substitute use chair to the local LICWAC.  As a parent, & fostering parent herself, Cindi has extensive education & empathy as well as experience working with multiple diagnosis' and trauma, and both understands and works well with multi-cultural families.
                                  For adults and Teens with problems related to:
                                               - Depression                        - Relationships
                                               - Anxiety                             - Marital Conflict
                                               - Stress                                - ADD/HD (Child, Teens, Adult)
                                               - Grief                                 - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
                                               - Attachment Disorder         –Early Childhood Trauma
                                                            -Adoption and Foster Care issues 
                                                                          - Couple's Work
  • Substantial number years of experience as a Master's Level and Licensed Mental Health counselor, and therapist.
  • Master's Level and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Certified Specialist in Early Childhood Trauma, Attachment Disorder
  • Internationally Certified Clinical Traumatologist
  • Served in the capacity of a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional at NYFS for 11 years.
  • Work experience in a variety of clinical and educational settings including community service agencies, public school systems, and private practice.
  • Licensed Foster Parent for DSHS, Native American Unit for thirty-two years to current to over 380 children and Teens    
  • ·Biological, Adoptive, and Step-Parent to ten “personal” children
  • Special Pop. Consultant: Native American Culture
Credentialing and training:
·         M.A. in Behavioral Sciences; System’s Counseling from Bastyr University; WA State
·         B.A.; University of Washington 
          Rehab. counseling; Edmonds Community College
          Case Management; Edmonds Community College
·         Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  # LF00002676
·         Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor  #LH00009947
·         Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional  #CP00006138
·         Licensed Care-Taker, WA State
          Certified Specialist in Early Childhood Trauma and Attachment Disorder 
          Internationally Certified Clinical Traumatology               
            Attachment Disorder                            Foster and Adoption issues, all phases
             Bipolar Disorder                                  Early childhood trauma
             ADHD; Child, Teen, and Adult          PTSD
             Parenting Special Needs children issues and the impact that Special needs in the
                                               Family & on the family unit.
       - All populations, including children & their parent(s)/Guardian(s), Teens, adults and their    
Areas of Expertise
  • Cindi Utilizes ALL forms of therapeutic interventions, including CBT, Narrative, and Rogerian Therapy, and Trauma-Focused therapeutic processes;
  • Mental health and family issues
  •  Specializing and Certified in Early Childhood Trauma and Attachment Disorder(s)
  • ·General Children and Family  Services and Therapy and Therapeutic interventions
  • Co-occurring Disorders specialty
Abuse/Neglect                        Cross-cultural issues & Adoptions            Parenting Issues
ADD/ADHD (Child, Teens, Adults)                      
 Depression/ Mood Disorders  Sexual Abuse/Assault                                 PTSD
Adoptions/Foster Care             Divorce Issues related to therapy               Stress Management
Anxiety                                     Families/Blended Families                       Childhood Trauma
Children                                   FAS/FAE                                                   Women’s Issues
Grief and Loss                         Chemical Dependency                                 Co-Dependency
Family or Origin/ACOA          Life Transition                                            Adjustment Disorder
Single Parenting                       Personal Experiences @ Special Needs/DDD
Bipolar                                     Self-Esteem
Adolescent Issues                     Abuse/Neglect Issues(Child, Teen, and Adult)
Emotional Health:
 Families who have fostered or adopted or who have children who have experienced traumatic events--including special needs that come with either trauma, alcohol and/or drug use in the womb, or from other forms of genetic contributors, often need extra help with navigating family life. Since she has experienced these personally in her family, and because she has chosen to specialize in this arena, Cindi reaches out to help families and people in general at building healthy attachments, dealing with trauma, and to process grief and loss. This is accomplished through:
  • Listening with care and kindness; Providing you an authentic relationship to model from for growth
  • Teaching therapeutic parenting techniques
  • Treating trauma with compassion and understanding
  • Teaching behavior management
  • Offering Cognitive-Behavioral and other creative solutions, and 
  • Uncovering and helping with the fears that might lie just beneath the angry and/or acting-out behavior(s) 

The health insurance climate is changing. While some of the changes will benefit many people, as a professional,  Ms. Mack-Ernsdorff is concerned about how other changes will affect the  quality and confidentiality of our work together as well as the confidentiality of your paperwork that she is required to maintainBecause of these concerns, and as of October 10, 2014, Ms.Mack-Ernsdorff  will be ending most all of her contractual relationships with insurance companies, with the exceptions being that she will continue to serve both Blue Cross Blue Shield,Life Wise, and Premera, and Regence insurance clients. 
    While this may sound pretty scary to some, let me assure you that most to all  insurance companies do allow "OUT OF NETWORK" benefits for their customers, so in most cases you will not be expected to bear 100% of the costs for your  treatment yourself, and by using your out of network benefits you will still be able to protect your confidentiality and your privacy. This can also benefit you in that there will be no deductible that will be required to be met when paying fee for service up front.  To assist with with your reimbursement claim, Cindi will provide you with the documentation that you will need to submit your claims to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you are considering submitting electronic claims, Value Options and Aetna are the only two insurance companies that do not allow electronic claims for this purpose.
Some Questions to Ask your Insurance provider(s):
  • What are my 'Out of Network" benefits? What is the allowed rate for a 90791 (intake session)? For 98034 (45minute therapu session)?  For a 908347 (55 minute session)?   
  • Do my out-of-network visits have a different deductible than my in-network visits?
  • What is the process for submitting my claims for reimbursement?  Can I FAX these, or should I mail them through the postal services? Does your insurance company accept claims to be submitted electronically?
  • How long can I wait to submit my claim(s)? Once my claim has been submitted, what is the usual 'turn around' time period?

Ms. Mack-Ernsdorff will accept fee payment by cash, checks, or credit cards (Masters Card, Visa. or Discover) or HSA credit card.  Sliding Scale may be considered in certain, special situation(s). ALL payment(s) are due at the beginning of your time of services,  without exception. 
Provider’s Statement:
Although I understand that life circumstances can be traumatic to us sometimes, I believe that with empathic, understanding, and trained helpers,  that all people have the ability to change and/or adapt to their situation & to their  life--past, present, and future.  I believe that we are all comprehensive, and that we carry many levels of ‘self’-- spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual- all that interact and effect one another, and that while our life experiences have shaped both who we are currently, as well as shaped our believes about who and how we are and prescient in the world, that these are not static consistencies and they can be changed with help.  I believe that we all can achieve happiness, and that each of us hold our own key to change, but that sometimes we need a Professional to help us to uncover that 'key.'  I believe that we can learn from one another, and that each and every one of my clients has the right to expect unconditional regard as valid, able-beings who deserve nothing less than happiness and fulfillment
* Ms. Mack-Ernsdotrff does employ a mini labradoodle as her 'co-therapist' in the office.  Research has validated that interactions with animals can reduce our stress levels and increase our sense of well-being.  Anxiety melts away & our blood pressure and heart rates often drop when we stroke our cat or play with a dog.  Animals create enormous motivation in people of all ages and can be an intregal component in treatments and educational programs.  
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