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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves 

Cindi Mack-Ernsdorff has been serving families, children and adults who have suffered with early childhood and adult trauma for 20 years...50(+) years counting her therapeutic fostering years. She is a parent to 10 adopted, biological, and step children, and has fostered over 470 children through the Native American Unit of DCFS .  
Although Cindi works with any form of mental health, marriage and family, or co-occurring chemical dependency issues, Cindi's specialization and training efforts have been most focused upon trauma & its implications in/on our daily relational  lives, and---based on her experiences in the foster care domain-- Cindi has felt compelled to focus some of her attention upon adoption and foster-care issues.  Ms. Mack-Ernsdorff works to support and help fostering and adoptive families and their children at all phases of that process. She was a single parent for many years, and as a result can truly empathize with the single parenting issues, too. Although she enjoys working with any age, Cindi enjoys working with adults who are parenting children who are  in the foster care system, are adopted and/or those who are living with early childhood trauma issues, as well as helping the adoptive parents and the children that they love and care about and who all are struggling to 'make sense' of all that their family are united through. 

     Since Cindi Mack-Ernsdorff understands both the challenges and joys that can come part and parcel with all of these issues, she is ready and waiting to begin her work with your family!    
  Welcome to my site, and lets get working!
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