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Before our first visit...
What to Expect At Your First Visit:  During the first session, I will ask you questions to get to know you and I encourage your questions about how I work, too.  We will have an opportunity to start the discussion(s) that brought you in to see me, too.  The first session or two will be more structured than subsequent ones.  During the first couple of  times together, I will be working with you to develop a treatment plan which will assist us by guiding our work and insure that we stay focused on what is important for you to achieve in therapy.
Before your first visit, please download, print, fill out completely,
and bring all of the following document(s) to your session. If you would rather fill out the paperwork in the office, please let Cindi know at least 24 hours ahead of your session time.  If you would rather fill out the paperwork at Cindi's office, please plan on coming in at least 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.  Thanks!
(If you would prefer to FAX your completed paperwork to me ahead of your intake session, my FAX number is (425) 823-3948.)

Please note that all phone conferences are subject to the same fee that in-office fee is, and must be paid out of client's own funds.  Insurance does not pay for phone conferences.

 Because her expertise is within the therapeutic realm & not within the legal field, Ms. Mack-Ernsdorff does NOT go to court on her clients behalf, nor will she provide letters of any sort that is not directly involved in/for her client's therapy.  Because her training is for/around therapeutic concerns, she also does not make nor participate re: referrals that are not therapy-related in regard to custody issues. 
My Life Script(s).doc (DOC — 70 KB)

Credit Card
 Ms. Mack-Ernsdorff accepts Visa, MasterCard, & Discover cards($5.00 additional convenience fee in addition to fee per charge that will be processed)

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